5 fun activities for autumn afternoons

The cold and rainy season is here, so it’s not possible to play in the park every afternoon and you need to find entertainment so that the children can have fun despite being cooped up at home all afternoon. Let us give you some ideas.

From when we pick up the children from school at 4 in the afternoon until we put them to bed at 9, the afternoon may seem endless if we can’t go down to the park with them for a while. This is even more so on a rainy and windy weekend when you can’t leave the house all day.

And although it’s a good thing to let children get bored at times and learn to amuse themselves on their own, it’s also a good idea to have ideas for entertaining activities for when they start hitting the roof:

1- Board games

Cards, Parcheesi, snakes and ladders, Monopoly… there are many board games for children from 4 years of age. These games are the perfect excuse for having fun as a family, encouraging communication, and bonding.

There is a wide variety of games for all tastes and all ages.

2- Handicrafts

Making a collage, painting a picture, coloring, making a home-made disguise… the possibilities for handicrafts and artistic activities are endless.

If your imagination is not up to it, you can resort to ideas and tutorials on the Internet with original activities.

It’s a good idea to keep a box or set aside a cupboard to keep all the materials you need to produce handicrafts together.

3- Putting on a play

Children love dressing up and pretending they’re somebody else, especially a magical or fictional character like a knight, a prince, or a pirate.

You can write your own play or find a simple one suitable for the children’s age.

Just with preparing the costumes, the props, rehearsing the play, and staging it you will have several afternoons of fun.

4- Reading time

Reading is always exciting and thrilling. But it is not easy to encourage a love of reading in children. That’s why you should make sure they see you reading and read with them often.

You can create a readers’ corner at home and read aloud the stories that they like best. Dramatize the story, give the characters different voices, and show your children how wonderful immersion in a good book can be.

5- Let’s cook!

What could be better than eating pancakes with cream that we have made ourselves? Let your children help you to cook tea or supper. There are many fun dishes that are easy to make together such as pancakes, crêpes, sponge cake, or pizzas.

Not only will you have a good time, you will teach them to cook, an essential skill for the future.


Photo: Created by Teksomolika – Freepik.com


La saison du froid et des pluies arrive et l’on ne peut plus aller jouer dans le parc toutes les après-midi. Il faut donc trouver des divertissements pour que les enfants s’amusent même s’ils passent toute l’après-midi à la maison. Nous vous donnons quelques idées.



Llega la época del frío y las lluvias, por lo que no se puede salir todas las tardes a jugar al parque y es necesario buscar entretenimientos para que los niños se diviertan encerrados en casa toda la tarde. Te damos unas cuantas ideas.


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