A good way of having fun with your children during this period and of encouraging the Christmas spirit is to make traditional handicrafts such as Father Christmases or Christmas trees.

Christmas is a time full of magic and excitement, especially for the children of the house. There is nothing more Christmassy or more fun than sitting down with them to produce simple handicrafts that you will be able to use to wish your relatives Happy Christmas or to decorate the house.

Take a look at these ideas:

  1. Design your own Christmas cards. Although this is now somewhat old-fashioned, no doubt grandparents will be delighted to receive a Christmas card made by their grandchildren. To make them you only need cards, paint, stickers, and decorative materials. Cut out the square or rectangle to the size you want your card to be and give your imagination free rein in order to decorate it.
  2. A nativity scene made of card. Draw on a large white card the figures you want to include in your crib. Color them and cut them out. Place them on a piece of Plasticine that will serve as a base to keep them upright.
  3. A Father Christmas puppet. Draw separately the various body parts of Father Christmas: the arms, legs, head, and belly. Then color them and cut them out. Join them all to the trunk by using binder clips and there you are!
  4. Window decorations. You can buy adhesive paper to stick on the windows and draw on it the Christmassy shapes and figures you like, such as Christmas trees, decorative balls, snowmen, etc. Then you just have to stick them on the windows for the festive period.
  5. A snowman. Draw the shape of the snowman on a white card and fill it with little pieces of cotton. Cut it out and add a piece of cloth to act as a scarf, a piece of carrot for the nose, and perhaps a cap.
  6. The Christmas star. Draw a big star on a card, EVA rubber, or piece of cardboard. Decorate it and cut it out so you can put it at the top of your Christmas tree or on your front door.

Moreover, while you carry out these handicraft activities you can take advantage to tell Christmas stories or tales of the origin of your traditions. Your child will thus understand Christmas better and become more involved with this magical period.

Photo: Created by Freepik