Ideas for personalizing baby’s room

The decoration of your baby’s room is an important matter; here we give you some ideas to make it original and different.

One of the most exciting things for any mum or dad is preparing their child’s bedroom: painting the walls, setting up the furniture, arranging his things, etc. If you are at this stage and need some original ideas, take a look at these tips for decorating your child’s bedroom:

  1. Walls have a lot of possibilities; don’t just paint them blue or pink according to your baby’s gender. You can paint each wall in a different color or draw something special on one of them such as a landscape, animals, etc. Look for gentle colors, nothing too loud.
  2. If painting is not your thing another option for the walls is fitting vinyl. There are many models on the market.
  3. As well as painting or decorating the walls, you can put lots of ornaments on them such as photos to make a collage, framed photos, photos hanging from a washing line, shelves, pictures, or when your baby grows and is able to draw, his first drawings.
  4. For the floor it is a good idea to place an EVA rubber mat so that your baby can play freely and develop his motor skills. You can also bring a carpet, but you must be able to wash it often to prevent the accumulation of mites and dirt.
  5. Curtains are another essential element as they not only keep out the light when your baby is sleeping but are also very decorative. Look for ones that brighten up the room and are easy to wash and iron.
  6. Footprints and handprints are very attractive and personal, although you will have to wait until the baby is born to complete them.
  7. Another good idea is to put his name on the door of the bedroom with special letters and drawings. You can paint it or use stick-on letters of paper or wood.
  8. Let your imagination run free, but don’t go too far. Cluttered rooms with too many objects can be overwhelming; try also to ensure that your baby has enough space to explore and that there are no objects that may be dangerous for him when he begins to crawl.
  9. The colors must be cheerful and neutral with nothing dark or too garish as certain colors may upset your baby’s mood.
  10. While your child is a baby, only have essential furniture in the room so that there is as much space as possible.

La décoration de la chambre de votre bébé est un sujet très important, nous vous donnons quelques idées pour qu’elle soit originale et différente.



La decoración de la habitación de tu bebé es un tema muy importante, te damos unas cuantas ideas para que resulte original y diferente.


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