Games and activities for a birthday party

To make a children’s birthday party a great success you must have a series of activities prepared to keep the children amused and prevent them from going mad.

Are you preparing your child’s birthday party and want everything to be success and the day one to remember? In addition to decorating the party room, and preparing the afternoon tea and the farewell presents for the guests, it is a good idea to think up a number of activities and games for the party.

It is important that the games do not go on too long as children soon tire of any activity. It is better to have several ideas so you can keep changing.

Think of what your child likes doing and his interests and plan the games with him.

Try to make all of the kids feel that they have won one of the games and prepare little prizes for them.

If it is a theme party you can base all the games on the central theme.

Some fun ideas:

  • To break the ice, while you are waiting for all the guests to arrive before starting to eat you can do a handicraft activity or do some painting, such as making personalized crowns out of card for each child, helping with the decoration, etc.
  • A treasure hunt. Hide various objects where the party is being held and draw a treasure map for each child to indicate where they are to be found. They must search for the prizes; the child who finds the most is the winner.
  • Musical chairs. This traditional game is great fun. Have everyone gather in a circle around a group of chairs, there must be one chair less than the number of participants. Turn on the music and then stop it at any time so that the children must sit down. The child who is left without a chair is eliminated; another chair is removed and the game continues until only one is left.
  • Obstacle course. If the party is in the open air or you have plenty of space, you can set up a circle in accordance with the age of the children with various obstacles or tests such as hopping, skipping, etc.
  • The slipper from behind. As they listen to the song (“The slipper from behind, tris tras, you can’t see it and you won’t see it, tris tras. Look up because beans are falling; look down because chickpeas are falling”) the children must be sitting in a ring with one of them running around the rest. When the song ends, the child who is running leaves the slipper behind one of the other children, who has to run to pick it up if he is not to lose his place.
  • Water balloon fight. If the party is in summer, what better way to have fun than having a water balloon fight.
  • Wheelbarrow race. The children are paired up and the space for the race is marked out. Each child will hold his partner like a wheelbarrow and try to be the first to cross the finishing line.

Pour qu’une fête d’anniversaire infantile soit toute une réussite, il faut préparer une série d’activités afin d’occuper les enfants et éviter qu’ils deviennent “ fous ”.



Para que una fiesta de cumpleaños infantil resulte todo un éxito es necesario tener preparadas una serie de actividades para entretener a los niños y evitar que se vuelvan “locos”.


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