Would you like to have fun with your children by carrying out an original, creative, and educational activity? Take a look at these handicraft ideas.

Before starting anything you should be well prepared for carrying out any kind of handicraft activity. In order to do so the best thing is to collect together in a big box or trunk all kinds of materials so as to have them always to hand: cards, sheets of paper, crepe paper, marker pens, colored pencils, watercolors, crayons, glue, white glue, scissors, a punch, Plasticine, magazines, pieces of cloth, paper, etc.

Once you have everything necessary to hand, sit down at a large table with a lot of light so that you can carry out comfortably the handicraft activity that you have chosen. Don’t forget to use an old tablecloth or an oilcloth so as not to spoil the table. Take care also with the chairs; they should preferably be of plastic or have covers. It is also a good idea to put on a smock or wear old clothes.

Now comes the time to think of what to do, the hardest part. If creativity and handicrafts are not your thing, you can resort to books or on-line tutorials. You can also ask the children for ideas as they are used to this kind of task and are full of imagination; they will surely have lots of ideas.

The theme is also important; look for activities related to something they like, such as pirates, animals, etc.. Or if it’s Christmas or Halloween, something related to the season.

Once you get started, take things easy. It doesn’t matter if everything doesn’t turn out to be perfect; the important thing is to have a good time together.

Here we give you some simple ideas for things you can do with your children:


1- Kite

Materials you need

  • A plastic bag
  • 2 thin wooden sticks
  • Rope
  • Strong adhesive tape
  • Cord for kites
  • A reel or handle
  • Acrylic paint
  • A brush

How do we make it?

Mark a rectangle in the plastic bag and cut it out. Cut the sticks to the same size as the rectangle, cross them, and tie them together in the centre. Then fasten the sticks to the kite with adhesive tape. Cut off a piece of the cord for kites of double the size of the height of the kite, and pull it past the front part of the kite, rolling it several times around the centre of the structure and pulling it again past the front. Tie it tight. Turn the kite and pull the other end of the cord past the lower part and stretch it carefully until it is taut. Tie this cord to the bridle.

Now it only remains for you to decorate it with the acrylic paint. To make the tail, create one of plastic that is five times longer than the height of the kite.


2- Jigsaw Puzzle


  • White foamcore
  • Acrylic paint
  • A cutter
  • Permanent marker pens
  • A brush

How do we make it?

Cut out with the cutter a 30 cm square of foamcore and draw on it the drawings that you want to make up your puzzle. Trace with a permanent marker pen all the outlines of the drawings so that they stand out. On the back of the drawing mark the parts of the jigsaw puzzle with a pencil. Finally, cut out the pieces of the jigsaw with the cutter. Put all the pieces in a box, and do the jigsaw!